Why do I have to register?

If you encounter any errors on the site, including the ads list and the calendar, or if you have a general question or comment, please post a comment in the LEAVE A REPLY section at the bottom of the “I have a question or comment” page. We will attempt to answer questions and fix problems in a timely fashion.

If you just want to browse the site, read and respond to ads and check the calendar, there’s no need for you to register. However, if you want to post ads on the ads list or add events to the calendar, there are several reasons why we require you to register:

1. The ads list is a neighborhood ads list, created to facilitate commerce among residents of Maple Ridge Subdivision and nearby neighborhoods and organizations.  We screen each prospective member to ensure that he or she resides in a neighborhood in our coverage area.

2. The calendar is designed to facilitate event publication and planning for Maple Ridge Homeowners’ Association (HOA) members. Site subscribers who reside in the vicinity of the neighborhood may be given the privilege of posting to the ads list, but only HOA members may add and edit calendar events.

3. SPAM is a huge problem for these types of sites and we simply don’t have the manpower to moderate every posting for appropriate content.  Registration is the best way we know of to keep spammers, bots, and other evil-doers from inundating our site with phony, annoying, and otherwise inappropriate ads.

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