What if I’m a registered user and can’t sign in?

If you encounter any errors on the site, including the ads list and the calendar, or if you have a general question or comment, please post a comment in the LEAVE A REPLY section at the bottom of the “I have a question or comment” page. We will attempt to answer questions and fix problems in a timely fashion.

1. Make sure you’re using the correct user name and password.   Remember that user names and passwords are case-sensitive, ie., mypassword is not the same as mypassWord.

2. This site is designed with extremely aggressive automated anti-spam measures.  It is possible that your email or IP address has been blacklisted by one of the spam-prevention databases our site automatically checks with every time you log in or place an ad on the ads list, in order to prevent bad guys from spamming our site.

Please contact the HOA if you are a registered user and are having difficulty logging into the site.

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