What do you do with the information I provide when I register?

If you encounter any errors on the site, including the ads list and the calendar, or if you have a general question or comment, please post a comment in the LEAVE A REPLY section at the bottom of the “I have a question or comment” page. We will attempt to answer questions and fix problems in a timely fashion.

We use your name and address during the registration process to confirm that you reside or work in our community and are thus eligible to place ads on the site and, if you are a member of the Maple Ridge Homeowners’ Association, add events to the calendar. If you want to provide information for future use (newsletters, alerts, etc.), please login and fill out your user profile.

If you place an ad on the ads list, your email address is stored in our database to be used when someone replies to your ad.  While anyone can view your ads on the site and reply using our automated system, your email address will be hidden from viewers.   You are free to include your phone, text number, or any other information you wish in your ad details, but be aware that any information you provide in the details of an ad, including images, phone numbers, etc., will be viewable by the general web-browsing public and we cannot be responsible for how someone might use it.

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