How do I add an event?

NOTE that you must be a registered user and logged in to add an event to the calendar.

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To add events you must be registered and a member of the Maple Ridge Homeowners’ Association.

1. Log in and browse to the Calendar page.

2. Click the Add Event button at the top left of the calendar. A larger-screen version of the calendar will appear.

4. Find the date for the event that you want to add and click on its box on the calendar. An “Add Event” form will pop up.

5. Fill in all the field on the form. Title is the only required field. The rest are optional.

6. If your event is not an all-day event, unclick the “All Day” checkbox at the top left of the form and select the appropriate start and end times.

7. Don’t forget to select the appropriate category for your event.

8. If you add an “Event Link” the link must be a complete address, ie., or the link won’t work.

9. Click the blue “Add” button at the bottom right. Don’t worry if you make a mistake or forget a field. You can always edit your event later.

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